Revolution Prep, who has worked with over 1 million students in the past 20 years to raise grades and test scores and build stronger, more confident learners, is looking for fully remote, part-time, adjunct tutors to join our team. Adjunct tutors will aim to tutor a minimum of 12 hours each week, delivered on weekday afternoons/evenings and weekends (see Schedule Requirements for more information).

About the Role

The part-time adjunct tutor role is made up of the following responsibilities for the approximate percentages of a tutor’s work schedule:

  1. Tutor students in a variety of academic and test prep subjects (80%)
  2. Communicate with families regarding student progress including making recommendations for student success (10%)
  3. Participate in ongoing professional development and subject expansion (5%)
  4. Prepare for sessions using Revolution Prep provided materials (5%)

You would be a great fit for this role if you have:

  • An engaging personality that is comfortable meeting and collaborating with families, students, and colleagues
  • Previous teaching or tutoring experience
  • Expertise in STEM and/or AP academic subjects and foreign languages (specifically, Chinese). If you can tutor these subjects, you may be eligible for a higher starting rate: AP Physics, AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, and AP Chemistry.
  • A commitment to customer service
  • A desire for ongoing professional growth
  • A "growth mindset" (unafraid of challenges; adaptable to change; willingness to learn)

Professional Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degrees welcomed
  • Experience teaching or tutoring desired but not required
  • Ability to comfortably provide academic support to students in algebra I, geometry, and algebra II. Candidates will take a short assessment representing content from the entirety of geometry and algebra II prior to receiving an offer of employment.
  • High-speed internet with ability to connect via ethernet cable, as well as a clean, quiet, professional setting for online sessions
  • Ability to teach consecutive online tutoring sessions while sitting or standing for extended periods of time, two to six days per week
  • Ability to work during peak tutoring hours. Please refer to adjunct prime-time hours listed below.
  • Ability to work on at least one weekend day (All Revolution Prep adjunct tutors are required to be available for at least 8 hours of tutoring on Saturdays and/or Sundays within our adjunct prime-time hours.)
  • Ability to commit to employment and schedule requirements for at least one school year from start date
  • Authorized to work in the United States (Current residence must also be in the US.)

Schedule Requirements: Availability & Time Off

Adjunct Tutors are required to post at least 16 hours of adjunct primetime availability on their calendar each week in order to reach their delivery goal of at least 12 hours. Availability should be consistent from week to week. Availability must be posted in 4+ hour chunks within the adjunct primetime blocks listed below. Adjunct tutors may not post availability outside of the primetime hours listed below. At least 8 hours must be posted on weekends, and tutors must post at least nine months into the future at all times. This availability ensures we have ample time to schedule sessions well in advance. Tutors must submit a request for time off at least four weeks in advance for approval.

Adjunct Prime Time Availability

Monday-Thursday, 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The number of hours of availability posted does not necessarily equate to the actual number of paid hours worked but improves your ability to receive new student assignments. Actual hours worked are highly dependent on a tutors’ proactivity with families, individual subject coverage, quality of instruction, and availability. Hours also fluctuate based on sales volume and seasonality.

Revolution Prep will provide a webcam, headset, ring light, and an annotation tablet to support you in providing our standard of quality for online instruction.

To be successful in the online Professional Tutor role, your computer must meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  • A Mac/PC desktop or laptop
  • Mac users: Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or later
  • PC users: Windows 8.1 or later
  • High-speed internet with strong and reliable reception/service, provided through an ethernet connection
  • 4GB or more of available memory/RAM


Job Type: Part-time

Pay: From $25.00 per hour

Background Qualifications to Consider.

Revolution Prep provides tutoring services to students of varying ages. As such, we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our entire Ed Services Team and Advising Team are subject to a thorough, in-depth background screening process at offer. In addition, we work with several partner organizations who may at times require additional background investigation services for Professional Tutors who work with students within their organizations. In the event such a situation arises, Revolution Prep may require their Professional Tutors to participate in those stated requirements.

Revolution Prep is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender, genetic information, national origin, disability, uniform service, veteran status, age, or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local law. At Revolution Prep, we believe that the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

Applicants should expect a follow-up email from Revolution Prep within 24 hours. Please remember to check your spam folder if you have not received the correspondence.